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I’d be joyful toget a pull-ask for on that, or if you deliver a website link to all the configs then probably another person else could increase it. But you obtained it operating, so that’s the most critical I guess :)This remark has been minimized.

Copy website link Quote reply. xorinzor commented Sep eighteen, 2018. [email protected] perfectly unfortunately I worked on it a several several hours yesterday thinking it was heading to perform.

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But I’m still running into difficulties which I’m not certain about. For example, initial I get a handful of occasions some log traces about that I can’t use “dhcp-alternative”, while I don’t even have those established in my ovpn config.

As well as ipv6 problems (although my unraid cyberghost free review 2017 server is configured IPv4 only). After a when it last but not least appears to be to commence with my personalized ovpn config file, but it won’t make significantly sense. However I nevertheless get AUTHFAILED even although I confirmed the credentials to be right (no concealed figures, and many others) and used the console of the docker container to make positive it could read through it as well (which it can). So I am a bit of at a reduction right now.

This comment has been minimized. Copy link Quote reply. haugene commented Sep 18, 2018. The ipv6 stuff, is it like this? #516.

About the AUTHFAILED, when you say you applied the console of the container what did you do? Have you checked the contents of /config/openvpn-qualifications. txt soon after starting the container? Really should consist of username and password. Some providers have a individual username/password for openvpn connections, as opposed to the regular login and application use.

This remark has been minimized. Copy connection Quotation reply. xorinzor commented Sep 18, 2018

  • Yes the ipv6 is exactly that, but I cannot come across in docker how to add arguments to the docker run command devoid of appending it to the repository line (which would avoid updates). And certainly, I did use the console to make absolutely sure the credentials were suitable, as nicely as that all files are detailed accurately (considering that I mount my whole custom config directory to /and so forth/openvpn/custom made/).

    Additionally tried out to use my very own qualifications file, but that designed no distinction either. CyberGhost has a created username/password for every product as effectively, which is what I am utilizing. EDIT: Fastened the dhcp-solution mistakes I was having. This comment has been minimized. Copy website link Quote reply.

    xorinzor commented Sep eighteen, 2018. Getting closer phase by move. Managed to take care of all the problems I was having prior to, the only remaining mistake is AUTHFAILED, which I’m even now clueless about. This remark has been minimized. Copy url Estimate reply.

    xorinzor commented Sep eighteen, 2018. Okay, so I designed a new docker container from repository “dperson/openvpn-client” and employing the precise identical configuration, that openvpn functions without the need of any challenges. Whereas this container appears incredibly inconsistent about it’s glitches, as now I am obtaining the mistake that no “/dev/net/tun” product exists, while I am performing nothing diverse from the other container. This remark has been minimized.

    Copy hyperlink Quote reply. haugene commented Sep 19, 2018. Allright. About the /dev/web/tun error I really don’t know. But the AUTHFAILED is usually induced by improper qualifications or special characters in the password. The templating solution stumbles on individuals some periods.


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