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5EC lambda-cyhalothrin Insecticide Bifenthrin ® ten% bifenthrin Insecticide Eko ® 720 g/L chlorothalonil Fungicide D Confidor ® imidacloprid Insecticide Mount Hagen E Permethrin .

permethrin Insecticide Carbofuran ® carbofuran Insecticide Acephate ® seventy five%wv acephate Insecticide Bifenthrin ® bifenthrin Insecticide Chlorpyrifos ® 480EC chlorpyrifos Insecticide Barrek ® 500 g/L chlorothalonil Fungicide F Eko ® 720 g/L chlorothalonil Fungicide. Discussion. Developing state pest and disorder issues tend to acquire much less focus than these in formulated nations and this is compounded in locations exactly where studies are made much more hard simply because of instability and violence.

So, even though agricultural analysis in PNG has been the matter of significant work in modern a long time, there is a relative dearth of information to advise priorities and expense. The present review of smallholder sweetpotato growers in the region of PNG, exactly where this crop is the principal staple, offers powerful evidence that pests and health conditions are owning a significant impression on production and that current administration attempts are inadequate. Among the biotic threats that farmers reported to be of superior problem, weevils were being paramount. This was obvious also in the assessment of damage to storage roots and inspections of stems in which weevils had been frequently current.

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Internationally, the sweetpotato weevil is continuously rated as the most problematic pest in sweetpotato creation (Ebregt et al. , ). While the older people of these two weevils are dissimilar in physical appearance, the immatures look very similar. No farmers pointed out both species specially so the relative great importance of these two species as pests continues to be to be determined.

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Absolutely, each are likely really serious pests. Weevil attack was noted by farmers at broadly different instances of the year but was mainly connected with the dry year, reflecting the reality that storage roots are a lot more uncovered to assault if soil cracks as a outcome of dry problems (Lutulele, 2001 Parr, Ntonifor and Jackai , 2014) and this indicates that affect could be much more serious below local weather improve conditions (Okonya et al. , 2014). Native to the Indian subcontinent and eastwards to Malaysia, C. formicarius is a significant pest in the south west Pacific, the southern United states of america, Caribbean and South The united states (Chalfant et al. , 1990 Sherman and Tamashiro , 1954 Waterhouse and Norris, 1987). Austin, Jansson and Wolfe (1991) and Horton and Ewell (1991) deemed this pest of terrific worth in resulting in pre-harvest harm.

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Euscepes postfasciatus originated from the Caribbean and is now a pest in the Pacific region and South America (Katsuki et al. , 2012 Raman and Alleyne, 1991 Sherman and Tamashiro , 1954). An critical method of dispersal for the two species is as immatures inside storage roots or stem cuttings (Hartemink et al. , 2000 Ray, Mishra and Mishra, 1983).

Larvae of both equally weevil species feed on the storage root or within stems leading to tunnelling packed with frass. Grownup E. postfasciatus tend to feed on storage roots gregariously, triggering rather number of huge holes.

In distinction C. formicarius grown ups have a tendency to feed individually triggering smaller sized wounds (Sherman and Tamashiro , 1954). Appropriately, our classification of noticed holes on storage roots into 3 mm diameter supplies an approximate indication that C. formicarius may be the dominant weevil species.

Clearly storage root holes could also be caused by other pests, these types of as molluscs and rats, particularly in the scenario of much larger holes, so these success are tentative. Scientific studies dependent on rearing-out grownups from infested storage roots or determining immatures (possibly aided by the improvement of molecular diagnostic applications) are essential in get to discriminate the incidence and affect of these two weevil species and strategy suitable research and administration priorities and this sort of reports are now underway.


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